Dear Supporters,

We used the software: ActiveSMS Advanced 5.0 Version. We met a problem when we sent a message to multiple phone numbers.

According to “SendSMS Command Line Utility” in User Manual, we separated the numbers with comma, such as 65xxxxxxxx, 65xxxxxxxx. But when we clicked the “send message” button, the following information has been displayed: “Message has been queued.” The message cannot be sent to multiple numbers.

Could you please help us to solve this problem? How can we do to send messages to multiple numbers?

Thanks very much.
The SendSMS command line does support sending to multiple numbers.

By design, when multiple numbers are specified, SendSMS will NOT wait for the messages to be sent. It will therefore report “Message has been queued.”

You can override this behavior by specifying a timeout, for example:

SendSMS 65xxxxxxxx,65xxxxxxxx "Your SMS message text" 15000

This will tell SendSMS to wait 15 seconds for each recipient (e.g. max wait will be 30 seconds)