Hello all
I have just setup windows 2003 ( virtual ) installed a wavecom modem gsm noden on to com 1, installed the ActivSMS 5 software,all ok so far, when I get to the option to test the transport, it return ok, looking at the log it knows its a wavecom modem and returns pass.

however when you try the test message it returns with a message about the network provider, The status shows connected and a good signal.

I then took the sim from the modem and put it into a mobile phone and sent a txt fine, it also recieved a txt fine, sim re installed into modem
checked the SCMS number for vodafone and added it, although if left blank it should use the default set by the SIM.

The sim is a contract working SIM, so no restrictions as tested using mobile phone.

so now I'm stuck,
anybody any idea why i can not send or receive sms into ActivSMS?

One option I will test tomorrow is to install a standard 9600 modem on the com port, the reason for this is that the software might know to send to com 1 but win2k3 does not

any help greatly received
To enable us to resolve this issue could you please turn-on trace logging.

To turn-on trace logging you need to do the following:-
1. Open the ActiveSMS Console
2. Goto the Transport page
3. Click Configure button for the active Transport
4. Select the 'Log Activity To File' option
5. Enter a valid Log Filename, e.g. C:\GSMModemLog.txt

Run a short test to re-create the problem. Once the test complete, please email the GSMModemLog.txt to