I'm having many error messages in the Application Event Viewer as follows:
Protocol Exception raised
Function: CHandset::ProcessJob
Description: CMGS(data) command retruned ERROR
HResult: -2147467259

The software is installed in 32bit Windows 2003 R2 SP2 with GSM modem connected through serial port.

If someone can direct me towards the problem source, it will be helpful.

Kind Regards,
To enable us to resolve this issue could you please turn-on trace logging.

To turn-on trace logging you need to do the following:-
1. Open the ActiveSMS Console
2. Goto the Transport page
3. Click Configure button for the active Transport
4. Select the 'Log Activity To File' option
5. Enter a valid Log Filename, e.g. C:\GSMModemLog.txt

Run a short test to re-create the problem. Once the test complete, please email the GSMModemLog.txt to