Can I use the service for users in the USA? If so, does this include the reply service? Are messages abroad charged at the standard rate?
Strictly speaking you will need to lease a US Shortcode the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) to do reliable message in the US. The US operators are increasing the blocking SMS traffic that does not originate from mobile phones.

We try are best to provide full US coverage but this is sometimes not possible. When we do have a working route stability can not be guaranteed, as coverage can change without notice, although we try our best to monitor delivery performance and to find alternative working routes when required.

In some situation you may find that reach can be improved by using a valid UK based sender's id (using the format: 447xxxxxxxxx). Most US network see this as UK mobile originated message and let it through. Our system will enforce UK based sender's id on US destined message when the 'Americas (1) - Force Compatible Sender's Id' is selected on the Preferences - International page.

Please provide the following information and we will look into the issue in more details:
1. Your username on our system
2. Phone number(s) you were sending to
3. The mobile network for each recipient number(s)
4. The time you sent the message(s) (as indicated on the 'SMS Sent' page)

Thanks for the reply.

My username is xxxxxxxx.

I haven't tried sending anything yet, but I'll explain the situation a little more.

I provide customers with ready made website businesses that allow them to send out SMS messages. Basically, they then attract customers (such as nightclubs, bars etc). The code that I wrote will then choose the best gateway service for a particular message. At present, I only cater for the UK market. If a customer is simply wanting a message sent out without requesting a reply, I use TextMarketer (sorry, but they are cheaper!) but if they are requesting a reply then I use you, as you seem to be more flexible with the 2 way messaging.

What I'm wanting is to provide the same service to USA customers as I currently am doing to UK customers. The key features I need are:

1. Outgoing bulk SMS at a competitive rate for the USA market (for example, ClickATell offer 4p per message)
2. Ideally, the ability to send with a customised sender ID (ClickATell don't provide this). I would like this as its attractive for customers to be able to brand it
3. The 2 way SMS service that you provide that I have already tested for UK numbers to be able to work in America (I am aware that you cannot set a branded sender ID if you want a reply).

Would you be able to provide this for American based numbers? I'm basically trying to work out whether I'd be better signing up for a gateway based in the States or not.

Sorry, we do not provide numbers that are guaranteed to work in the US.