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SMS Add-in for Microsoft® Outlook®

Send and receive SMS messages from Microsoft® Outlook®

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Send SMS from Outlook

SMS text messaging in your web browser

Send and received SMS messages via your internet web browser

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Send SMS from Outlook

Text messaging for Developers

Developer APIs for sending and receiving messages in your on-premise and cloud-based system and mobile apps

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Send SMS from Outlook

Communicate on the move

Use our 2-way SMS services across a wide-range of devices. Try our mobile phone apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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Prices from only 2.3p per SMS message


Fast Delivery

Messages are sent through high quality connections for the fastest and most reliable delivery.

Schedule Messages

Messages can be scheduled for delivery at a later date and time. Ideal for sending appointment reminders.

Bulk Send

Send messages to large lists of recipients (up to 100,000).

Global Coverage

Send messages to mobiles in over 160 countries.

24/7/365 Support

First class support available 24 x 7, including bank holidays.

Advanced Messaging

Support for a wide range of message formats, including multimedia MMS messages.

Free APIs

Developer interfaces are provided for adding SMS features to your on-premise and cloud-based system.


We use the best security practices and protocol to ensure your data is safe and secure

Cost Effective Solutions

Contact our sales team now to find the most cost effective solution for your business.

Free Reply Service

Our standard accounts allow you to receive replies back for message that you have sent. The reply service is provided at no extra cost.

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