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Send SMS

Send SMS messages from your PC using our range of SMS Services. The IntelliSMS Send SMS Service is a fast, reliable and affordable SMS messaging solution. A standard IntelliSMS SMS messaging account provides 2-way SMS messaging, there is no need to rent a dedicated SMS number.

The following End User interfaces are available:

Web to SMS

Send SMS using your Internet Browser

Send SMS messages from your Internet browser. SMS replies can be viewed in an SMS Inbox.
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Email to SMS

Send SMS using your Email System

Send SMS messages from Microsoft Outlook (or any email client). SMS replies can be routed back to your email inbox.
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IntelliSMS Messaging Platform offers:

  • Competitive SMS messaging pricing
  • Delivery reports available at no extra cost 
  • Ability to receive SMS replies at no extra cost
  • International Coverage - on both our Economy and UKDirect services
  • Send Branded Message - alphanumeric originator address (up to 11 characters)
  • Full MSISDN Originator Address -  originator address can be real phone number
  • Free SMS Software Components - for easy integration into your own software systems
  • Resilient Service - redundant servers ensures service continuity
  • Subscription Lists - Integrated management of subscription lists

SMS Free Trial

A free trial is available that allows you to send 5 free messages, click here to register a new trial account.

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